Arcade Fire

August 23, 2010

Back from Haiti


Régine and I just got back from a 5 day visit to Haiti.  We will write something up about the trip, but I just wanted to share a couple of photos… (photos by Eric Kayne)

In Cange at Zanmi Lasante’s main hospital in the Central Plateau.

The view driving into Cange. Lake Péligre is the lake formed by a hydroelectric dam built by the Army Core of Engineers in the 1950′s which flooded much of the good farm land in the Plateau.

Some kids at one of the camps Partners in Health is providing medical services to in Port au Prince.  Seven months after the earthquake and most people have no reason to expect to get out of these tent communities, as they have nowhere else to go.

People in Port au Prince are just living their lives in the rubble, often just setting up tents on the piles of concrete where their houses and businesses used to be.


KANPE means “to stand” in Haitian Creole.

KANPE was born of a desire to play an integral part in the fight to help Haiti break free from a vicious cycle of poverty.

By focusing on the development of communities and families, KANPE addresses the diverse needs of the Haitian people holistically: health, nutrition,education, and financial independence.

KANPE is combining its expertise with that of other organizations that have proven themselves in the field, such as Partners in Health (Zanmi Lasanté), which specializes in free healthcare for the underprivileged, and Fonkoze, which is dedicated to helping impoverished families achieve financial independence. KANPE is pooling its efforts with its partners’ to create a new comprehensive program designed to assist and support Haitian society’s most vulnerable populations in their fight for a better future.

Learn everything about KANPE’s projects to support Haitian families at


The folks running the PIH and KANPE booths posted some really nice audience participation photos here:

KANPE signifie « debout » en créole.

KANPE est née de ce besoin de faire partie intégrante de ce grand combat pour briser le cercle vicieux de la pauvreté en Haïti.

En mettant au centre de ses préoccupations le développement des familles et des communautés, KANPE s’attaque aux besoins multiples des Haïtiens : santé, éducation, autonomie financière et accompagnement.

KANPE associe son expertise à celle d’organismes qui ont fait leurs preuves sur le terrain, tels que Partners in Health (Zanmi Lasanté), qui se spécialise dans les soins de santé gratuits pour les plus démunis, et Fonkoze, qui se consacre à accompagner les familles les plus pauvres vers l’autonomie financière. KANPE met en commun ses actions et celles de ses partenaires pour créer un nouveau programme global qui accompagne et soutient les Haïtiens les plus vulnérables dans leur quête d’un avenir meilleur.

Pour tout connaître sur les projets de KANPE pour soutenir les familles haïtiennes,visitez le site